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I am the product of a public school education. My parents were both public educators; my father a college professor, my mother an elementary school teacher. Both were able to provide my younger sister and me with a wonderful childhood, one filled with memories, love, and support for one another. Coming from humble beginnings, I have learned hard work and dedication is essential to providing for your family and your community.

My husband and I are small business owners who know the struggle and responsibility of opening, running, and growing a business. Along with managing a business, I am honored to be a board member of a non-profit organization, Hands Across Atlanta where I work alongside many talented board members and thousands of volunteers each month to provide food, toiletries, dental care, and other essentials for the homeless veteran population in Atlanta. 

I am a strong, but a compassionate leader who is determined to work alongside my neighbors to bring a new vision and new voice to the State Senate. I want to see and contribute to the continued growth, not just in the cities in my district, but for rural areas as well. I am committed to protecting each individual’s constitutional and civil rights and freedoms, promoting better educational opportunities and resources, and ensuring access to quality and affordable healthcare for everyone. I am dedicated to developing plans for a better infrastructure all Georgians need and deserve which will, in turn, stimulate sustained economic growth and development.

My husband William and I live in Woodstock with our children  Madison (13) and Oliver (3).


Public Figures

Flynn D. Broady, Jr - 11th Congressional District Candidate


Moms Demand Action

Georgia Stonewall Democrats

2018 Distinction

2018 Endorsement

2018 Endorsement

2018 Endorsement

2018 Endorsement


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